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It prepared me best for my Interview and the best thing was, that I was able to practice so much cases with other people. Great experience which I would recommend everyone applying for a consulting firm.
PrepLounge is the best all-in-one preparation tool for job interviews. Next to practicing cases, I focussed on personal fit questions. By developing answers to multiple types of questions beforehand, I was able to approach the interview at a 100 % confidence level.
I've witnessed so many improvements I made in case interviews with the help of PrepLounge! Very useful platform to find case partners and sharpen your interview skills. I also found the studying materials and the coaching sessions on the platform really helpful.
PrepLounge has prepared me to tackle my case interviews. I was a novice when I started the case prep, but with the help of various articles and structured methodology of PrepLounge, I got way better and learned a few tricks.
Personally I did the 6-week premium subscription and, to be honest, it turned out to be a really good investment! Over 240 great quality cases available, but above all, the possibility to make hundreds of cases with other candidates. Very useful really recommended!
PrepLounge prepared me very well for my consulting interviews. What I liked most about it, is the meeting board, where I was able to practice cases with other people. I will definitely use it again when interviewing for another consulting firm :)
Through PrepLounge Premium, I have been able to hone my casing skills and meet some truly exceptional people. It has been the biggest boon to my learning experience by far and has, without a doubt, been an exceptional investment.
The PrepLounge Premium Membership has been a really valuable preparation tool for me to get ready for consulting interviews. PrepLounge offers unlimited meetings with case partners, a database of practice cases, frameworks, and videos, as well as tools like mental math. I can highly recommend!
PrepLounge has been very helpful with my preparation for consulting interviews. It's easy to use and it seamlessly connects you with bright individuals around the world who are in the same place as you to prepare you for the real interview.
I can recommend PrepLounge to anyone preparing for interviews or just interested in consulting. I have learned an incredible amount already by having a platform with many interested people that come from all backgrounds. Having basic-information on PrepLounge and especially all the cases available is very helpful!
Frequently Asked Questions
We are happy to answer the most frequently asked questions.
Why should aspiring business consultants use PrepLounge to prepare for their interview?
Each year, more than 700,000 students apply globally for an internship or full-time position in a management consulting firm – with offer rates well below 10%. Competition for an offer from a top-tier consultancy is fierce and all candidates are willing to prepare extensively for the interview sessions. PrepLounge offers you the material and the contacts to advance your preparations for the case interview and to be a decisive step ahead of the competition.
What resources will I have access to on PrepLounge?
In order to reach your full-potential during the real interview, you'll need to prepare in many different areas. At PrepLounge, you’ll gain access to the biggest collection of materials and resources on real case interviews:
Are there any hidden costs when using PrepLounge?
No, there are no hidden costs on PrepLounge. If you sign up for free, you will have immediate access to a lot of practice content and can conduct twelve mock interviews with other candidates. If you want to use PrepLounge to its full potential, we recommend a Premium Membership. Premium Members get unlimited access to all materials and other benefits.
What makes PrepLounge unique?
On PrepLounge, you will find the largest and most active case interview community worldwide. Via our Consulting Q&A, you can get answers to your questions from experienced coaches within minutes. Via our user-friendly Meeting Board you can easily schedule practice interviews with other ambitious candidates and former management consultants, even on short notice. If you want to prepare intensively for your interview and improve your case skills through regular practice and feedback, you won't find a better platform online. Just check it out for yourself and sign up for free!
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